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SONICOM 2000 - Aplications


River Lock

On the chamber edge horn loudspeakers DL 10-20 and microphone boxes 2000 M1 are installed. Loudspeakers DL 10-20 are connected to the amplifiers 2000 LV, microphone boxes 2000 M1 are connected to the controller 2000 LCC16. Using these loudspeakers and microphone boxes it is possible to communicate with the crews of small sport ships, which are not equipped with transceivers. Near the river lock gates there are installed door call stations 2000 TS1M connected to the controller 2000 LCC16 for communication with workers (for instance by adjusting or manual controlling of gates).

River Lock

Needed material:12 pcs
Horn loudspeaker DL 10-20
 6 pcs
Microphone box 2000 M1
 2 pcs
Door call station 2000 TS1M