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SONICOM 2000 - Applications


Flats of employees

In the house with flats of employees there are six official flats. Flats are equipped with communication stations 2000 S. The front door is equipped with entry unit 2000 LRI16 and door call station TS-8M. It is possible to call from this door call station to any flat and to the control centre, speaking with incoming person and controlling electromagnetic lock of the door from stations 2000 S. Using communication stations in flats it is possible to communicate to any point of the waterworks, reception of trouble messages, reception of calls from front door and controlling of electromagnetic lock in it.

Flats of employees
Needed material:6 pcs
Communication station 2000 S
 6 pcs
Socket 2000 BSU
 1 pc
Door call station TS-8M
 1 pcs
Entry unit 2000 LRI16