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SONICOM 2000 - Applications


One prison division. 12 prison cells with vandal-proof call stations 2000 TS1M Protect, 1 supervisor room with communication station 2000 S, 2 grids with door call stations 2000 TS1M, 2 corridor call stations 2000 TS1M.


One prison division - overview

One cell

One prison division - one cell

Needed material:1pc
Communication station 2000 S
Socket 2000 BSU
2000 BSA)
Power supply 2000 ZS
Socket 2000 BSA/Z for power supply
Local communication controller 2000 LCC16
Vandal-proof call station 2000 TS1M Protect
Corridor door lamp 2000 CL
Null button 2000 Pwn
Door call station 2000 TS1M