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SONICOM 2000 - Applications


One hospital division. One nurse room with communication station 2000 S, fourteen patient rooms with communication units 2000 NU. Sockets 2000 Pab/Pa with patient buttons 2000 Paa beside beds, call buttons 2000 Pw in toilettes, call pull buttons 2000 Pd in the baths and corridor door lamps 2000 CL above the doors. Two entrances with door call stations 2000 TS1M. Communication units 2000 NU and door call stations 2000 TS1M are connected to local communication controller 2000 LCC16. System is powered by power supply 2000 ZS.


Hospital - overview

One patient room

Hospital - one patient room

One entry

Hospital - one entry

Needed material:1pc
Communication station 2000 S
Socket 2000 BSU
2000 BSA)
Power supply 2000 ZS
Socket 2000 BSA/Z for power supply
Local communication controller 2000 LCC16
Communication unit 2000 NU
Corridor door lamp 2000 CL
WC call button 2000 Pw
Pull call button 2000 Pd
Patient call button socket 2000 Pab/Pa
Patient call button 2000 Paa
Door call station 2000 TS1M