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SONICOM 2000 - Applications

Glass counter

Glass counter between clients and employees (bank, ambulance in hospital, office, etc.). The glass counter between clients and employees is sound isolated. On the client's side, there are three malicious damage proof door stations 2000 TS1M connected to the connection stations 2000 LR. Working places of employees are equipped with connection stations 2000 SS with directional microphones with flexible legs. Three simultaneous independent conversations are possible. You can set volume and microphone sensitivity for each 2000 TS1M independently. There is used one common power supply 2000 ZS with back up battery.

Five offices

Needed material:3 pcs
Communication station 2000 SS
 3 pcs
Socket 2000 BSA
 3 pcs
Door station 2000 TS1M
 3 pcs
Connection unit 2000 LR
 1 pc
Power supply 2000 ZS
 1 pc
Socket 2000 BSA/Z